The Band CROSSFIRE originally began as a bar band on the Central Coast of California. “We came along just in time for country line dance phase,” says band frontman, Darren Gallina. For four years CROSSFIRE played extensively throughout Southern California’s country dance clubs and honky tonks. “Our favorite place to play was the Maverick Saloon in Santa Ynez, California,” Darren says grinning. “The place had real cowboys and real Indians and a few tourists, all dancing and having a good time every Friday and Saturday night.”

Eventually, The Band CROSSFIRE moved from the honky tonks into the dance halls to provide live music for square dancing. And while the faces in the band have changed over the years, the CROSSFIRE sound is still hot and great to dance to. CROSSFIRE has several standing yearly square dance gigs with clubs in the greater Los Angeles area. And the demand for the group continues to grow.

Current members include Darren Gallina, Frontman and Rhythm Guitar; John McDuffie, Lead Guitar and Vocals; Brantley Kearns, Fiddle and Vocals; Ron Catt, Bass Guitar and Vocals; and Jeff Winter, Drums.

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